end of the year procedure for reckon one

Waldy Goenewold
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How to end of the year procedure


  • Qwerty
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    Hi Waldy,

    You can lock off previous periods in your book (i.e. previous financial years etc) via the general settings screen.

    To access the general settings screen, select the Administration menu (i.e. the cog icon in the top right of the screen) > General settings > Book settings > Utilise the "Lock off the book until" option.

    If this doesn't answer your question then you might want to add some more information into your question.
  • Jason Hollis
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    Just to add.... like our Reckon Accounts desktop product there is no rollover or year end. That is, all years data is available for view and reporting.

    One extra feature we added in Reckon One is that you can lock each bank account without locking the book. This is done under the 'spanner' in the banking screen.

    Therefore you can lock each bank account as it is reconciled, and then lock the book once you have processed the BAS for example.
  • Annelle McLaughlin
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    If not rollover to the next FY, how would the FBT revert back to zero? 
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    Hi Jason,

    We're using Reckon Accounts desktop and noticed that over the years, our data is getting to big and is actually slowing the system down. Is there any way at all to rollover historical financial years (so that we only keep the recent 3 to 4 years active)?