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Simpson Builders
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I use Reckon Accounts Premier 2015. I processed a payroll before Christmas which included public holidays and annual leave. For some reason leave loading wasn't calculated which I didn't realise. I've never had that problem before. I processed another payroll after that with future date due to us closing for Christmas and leave loading was calculated.

I obviously did something wrong with the first pay but now I need to know how to pay the employees the leave loading owed.

thank you


  • Alex Tan
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    Hi Simpson Builders,

    An adjustment is required in order to move forward.

    As you have missed out on paying leave loading you need to create a lump sum in one pay to pay the staff and then make the tax adjustments as required. (we do not have certification in accounting so we can't tell you how to calculate this)

    You can manually adjust tax when you are preparing the pay then process it accordingly.