RA Plus 2013 uninstalled after Windows 10 upgrade

Monica Allen
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I recently upgraded to Windows 10 and have now had my ReckonAccounts Plus 2013 removed. How do I get it reloaded. My customer number is 214706.



  • Toni Jamieson
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    Hi You will need a copy of it, do you still have your install cd? You will also need your Ikc. But apart from all of that it's not actually compatible with windows 10. Even if you upgrade to the newest one, 2015, it's still not fully compatible with 10. The next one coming out in March supports windows 10. You can upgrade to hosted then you won't have to worry about this again. I suggest talking yo your accountant or your usual reckon consultant. Sorry it's not great news! Good luck!
  • gazza73
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    Further to Toni's suggestion, given you've  mentioned you 'just' upgraded,  then check the various forum discussions about the issue of Win10 (for RA20xx and with Outlook for instance), and talk to your IT people about the option of enjoying the ROLLBACK option that is available to you within 30 days of upgrading to Win10.  Then you your ID to log into Reckon to download the 2013 kit you originally had, and call Reckon Support for help in re-registering that (with your IKC, as Toni suggests).  Then await the outcome of the newest versions of RA2016 when it arrives.    The upgrade to Win10 can be reconsidered after that.

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