Can I create two different customer group with different invoice numbers?

Jacklyn Lai_8067509
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Reckon account premier 2015.

We are going to use debtors finance and they would like us to create two different group of customer. One group of customer is the debtors where we are going to sell the invoice to the debtor finance lender and the other group of customer is our normal customer.

Can we have two different invoice icon on the main menu as we need to separate the invoice between the two groups as the bank details will be different on the invoice and statement?

Please advise.

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  • Annette_8052353
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    Yes, you can.  
    Just go to "View - customise icon bar"
    Then add a new "Create Invoices" icon and change the name of it to identify it from the first
    Go into the icon and choose the template you wish to use for this invoice.  You will need to "customise" this invoice to show the different bank account details.