Am running current statements but Jan balances are showing as current. If I run open transactions op

Dallas RussellDallas Russell Member Posts: 10
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  • DiDi Member Posts: 7
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    Hi Russell,

    Make sure you don't have the "Include only transactions over xx days past due date" box ticked

  • Liz KassieLiz Kassie Member Posts: 8
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    If you have customer set up as 30 days for instance, you need to make sure that you have the correct option selected in the set up.  The 2 options are:

    Standard - this ages invoices 30 days from date of invoice. 

    Date Driven - you can select the 1st days of each month to be the trigger. 

    Because February only has 29 days, any invoices dated 30th January for instance (using the standard method) are still considered to be current.

    I hope that makes sense.
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