when i use shift c reckon goes to main menu??

Peter Dick
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When I use shift c for capital letters my screen goes back to main menu, it only happens with c so I must have added a function by mistake, how do I fix this


  • John Graetz
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    Peter.  It seems that you are using Hosted.  What you need to understand is that some of the familiar commands that we used for the desktop version are the same as some Windows operating system commands.  It didn't matter with the desktop version.  But, when using Hosted in a browser environment, any former command which is the same as a Windows command will revert to that Window command.  One of the most used "old" commands was Crtl N to create a new account or something else new.  Now, that relates to a Windows command which is to create a new Tab for the browser.  It is all part of an "annoying" re-learning process.  John L G