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Hi all
I'm on Reckon hosted online
We are trying to setup our invesntory but am confused. Trying to do the following:
 - track inventory items that we make in house, and do not need to track what is used to make them.
 - then have a list that tells us how many are on order, compared without how many are in stock, WITHOUT creating invoices. 
 - In an ideal world, have a report that shows all items on order, with the date they are required to be made according to the ORDERS, rather than creating invoices before the items are actually made.

Thank you!


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    Hi Rachael

    Firstly, if you're wanting to track the items you sell, you can either set up just Inventory items or - to comprehensively track all the costing involved in making up each of those items - both Inventory AND Assembly Items.

    Whichever option you go with, for your Inventory tracking to be accurate you MUST set up BOTH the Sales & Purchase Information per Item.

    You then use the same "Item" on Sales Receipts/Sales Orders & Invoices v Purchase Orders, Item Receipts/Bills/Write Cheques.  This allows RA to track the increases (purchases) & decreases (sales) of that item accurately.

    I also think you have the perfect scenario for using the Sales Orders feature!

    You can enable the additional SO preferences you need:

    • Click on "Edit" (along the top of your RA window) then "Preferences" in the dropdown menu
    • In the Preferences window, click on "Sales & Customers" from the list of categories on the RHS
    • Tick "Enable Sales Orders" option (You can also choose to be warned if you use a SO number more than once & to only print items on invoices with an amount eg when creating multiple/part-order invoices, omitting previously invoiced lines)  

    Sales Orders are "Customer Orders" on which you enter all the items (1 SO per customer order).  You can specify the due/delivery date(s) as well as other specific customisation (similar to invoice template field/column options + a few more that are order-specific) & can choose to invoice in part - eg specific items/qtys - or in full.

    Using SOs allows for the following features within RA:

    • Creating a single invoice for multiple Orders
    • Partial invoicing
    • Tracking Backorders

    You can then report on & manage what orders are still in progress (RA refers to these as "Open Sales Orders") & which are ready to be delivered/invoiced.

    Additionally, you can "Modify" your "Open Sales Orders" report accordingly to suit your requirements, then "Memorise" it for future use.  You can even add it to your RA Icon Bar - Once modified to suit, click on "View" (along the top of your RA window), then click on "Add .... to Icon Bar."  Optionally, you can assign a specific image from the available list &/or Re-name the Icon (TIP: You can add almost ANY RA screen to your Icon Bar.  Keep the Name Labels short though so they don't take up too much space on your Icon Bar!) 

    The "Help" sections in RA are the best I've seen.  They're extensive, with logical flow hyperlinks as well as extremely detailed & very easy to find/use.  These sections can be accessed in multiple ways:

    • Most screens in RA have a "How do I ..." dropdown of the most common questions for that particular screen.
    • To the left of this is also an "Ask" button where you can type in your specific question/query
    • Pressing F1 in any window opens Help specific to that window
    • Lastly, you can always access the "Help" sections by clicking on the "Help" (along the top of your RA window)

    Hope this is of assistance.

    Shaz Hughes Dip(Fin) ACQ NSW, MICB

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    Wow, thanks Shaz, all my Reckon dreams come true!!!