Reckon should send an email to all users when there is an issue with upgrades!

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   Reckon sent me an email to let me know that the latest upgrade was available. I went and ordered the disc with it and was about to install it when I thought I would ring up technical support to see if there had been any issues. To my horror they said there had been a common issue with corruption of Super data and that steps needed to be taken to ensure the database wasn't corrupted during the upgrade.
   Let me repeat, 'All Super contributions data could be corrupted if you upgrade'!!!
   I could not believe they would allow such a major issue to go unannounced. I notice they have it on the community website but I had not joined before being told this and would never have looked here before upgrading.
   I think if Reckon is able to email everyone that they have an upgrade they should email everyone that there is an issue with it and tell people what steps they should take before they use it. How many people have upgraded without knowing about this and lost all their Super Information? How disastrous would it be for them to have this happen? Is Reckon doing anything to help them?
   The consequences of this happening, if it occurred to me, chills me to the bone. Reckon should be emailing everyone that they told about the upgrade and should be letting them know that there is a major issue that can be easily avoided if they follow a procedure. 
   Think of how much heartbreak would be avoided for customers if they admitted a shortcoming and were proactive in reducing the harm!!! Do they care more for their reputation or their users well being?
    Car companies do recalls and repair notices all the time to protect their buyers and this improves the car companies reputation as owners know they are being told all that happens. Why can't Reckon.
    I hope to see an email from Reckon soon.


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    I totally agree with you too Martin.  But this also highlights another matter which some people are not too assiduous about and that is back-ups.  At least with a series of backups which are done very regularly e.g. daily, there is some chance of being able to redeem one's file in the event of a disaster such as this or any other disaster which may occur.  And that means a back-up on a independent device which is held away from the main source of data.  John L G
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    Hi Martin, 

    Reckon acknowledges and apologises for the inconvenience this problem may have caused you.

    I'm glad that you made the effort to inform yourself better on the upgrade at the time that has saved you taking a step that may have had a negative impact on your file.

    The issue does not affect every upgrader, only those that had super items in the Employee Defaults in their Payroll & Employees  Preferences.

    Reckon has taken reasonable steps to inform users of the problem.  We have:
    • Emailed users that had activated Reckon Accounts Business 2016 by 10/4/2016
    • Posted an Important Information for Payroll Users note on the Reckon Download Centre
    • Posted an Important Information for Payroll Users note on the Member’s download screen
    • Posted on the Reckon Community and AP Forum.

    The download centre is the main source for the upgrade file and there upgraders are warned twice of the problem with a link to the full explanation and steps to avoid the problem. 

    We are in the final stages of setting up an automatic email on Purchase of Reckon Accounts 2016, at which time we will also send an email to users who have activated since our last communication.

    We are working on a fix which we will release as soon as it is tested.