Is there a way to find out which employee created an invoice or an adjustment note in Reckon?

Alyssha Thompson
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  • L Childs
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    If each user has there own log in you can run an Audit Report which should show you what you need.
  • Alyssha Thompson
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    Thank you.
  • James Voss
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    Highlight the invoice or adjustment note > Ctrl Y > Modify Report > check mark the 'entered/last modified' and the 'last modified by' > OK. This will tell you who last did anything to that document according to their login name.
  • Farmhand
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    Brilliant, exactly & succinctly what I needed. Thanks James.

  • Shirley Ingle
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    Hi All  Instead of going through highlighting etc, why not set up a field in the invoice and have the employee creating the invoice, enter their initials in the field. Only need to call up the invoice and straight away you have the answer. Can set up the field under Rep.