Need to print a list of items in assemblys

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Right her goes.

I am using Hosted.

I have a number of assembly items created, these items use multiple other
inventory items to build the assembly item. But when I build the assembly item in QuickBooks, all it does is change my inventory levels to show that I have used stock to build the assembly item which increases its stock level.

I NEED,,, as a the bare minimum,,, a pick list to at least tell me what items I need to use to "actually build the assembly item" Am I supposed to remember this information off the top of my head? C'mon I "Reckon" this could be improved a crap load. (pardon the pun)
Seriously though it is borderline false advertising, selling this product with the pitch that it has capabilities to create assembly items and BOM’s. Well I suppose it is true you can "create" them... You just can’t do anything else with them.

I have used one of the custom fields within the "edit item screen" and created a field called 
Bin Loc. This is where I record the actual items location where we keep it in our warehouse.
It would be just magic if I could build an assembly item in QuickBooks and then be able to print out the list of items I need, including my custom field Bin Loc. which will show me where to go to pick the items to then actually physically build the assembly item.

The only way I know how to view what items make up the assembly item is to manually search the item in my item list. (by the way… Reckon, you need to improve your search speed for looking up items in the item list, it is pathetically slow. PATHETICALLY SLOW!)  

Anyway where was I, right... Search the item go into edit Item then and only then I am able to view the items I need by looking in the super small bill of materials field.
Straight up, who designed that? I would like to meet him or her.
But since this probably will never happen the next message is for you and your team.

To my dearest whom ever designed that really super dooper small piece of frustratingly hard to use BOM window that I have to constantly adjust the size of the columns every time I want to read what is in each column and the fact that I can only view about four rows/items before I have to manually scroll down to view the rest of the items...
OMG really, are you still employed? 

And to the manager whom oversees your work, well...
At any point did you not think to slap them in the face with the business end of a stapler while pointing your big fat index finger at that super-sized massive extravaganza of blank screen on the right.... Seriously there is over 40% of wasted screen screaming to be used for you BOM window!  

I know I know, this program is predominantly accounting software... Blah Blah Bloody Blah.
If that’s the case why did you bother trying? Talk about half a job. 


Here is my tip of the day,

If you are wanting to stay ahead of the game with your software suit I seriously recommend that you pay a little more detail to the little things that make life hard.


Anyway, does anyone know any tricks with custom reporting that might be able to help me print out a pick list for my assembly builds?


Thanks for listening,

and to the software developers at Reckon I really do hope you listen.


PS. Your phone support team could do with a shake up too, just saying


Have a lovely day.



Your frustrated Reckon user. 



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    You are hilarious - thanks for the laugh!   Sorry I can't help, good luck though.
  • Bevan
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    I have been using Reckon products for about 6 years, as my company grows so does my frustration with Reckon...
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    Hi Bevan,

    Thanks for asking the Reckon Community.

    Will Suppliers > Inventory Activities > Build Assemblies, give you a suitable list?


    Hope this helps,

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    How do you print that?   I share the frustration 100%
  • Ann-Marie_7606549
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    HEY GUESS WHAT.  I have found the answer.   Reckon do actually allow you to print the list............... Open the Item List, Highlight the assembly you want, right click and right down the bottom it says print assembly item...... It prints prices etc but at least you get the list.   I can't believe Reckon support never knew about this.

  • Bevan
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    Well I hope that helps you, however it doesn't help really achieve anything for me.
    I have a custom field set to show the location of the item in our warehouse. I need those locations to appear next to each item on the build so I know where to go to collect all the good required to build the item.
    Look I’m done with reckon as far as inventory goes. They really don’t even achieve the basics when it comes to inventory tracking. All it does is consume my time.


    Bring on Fishbowl Inventory Management Software

    Picking up a new server tomorrow and will be installing Fishbowl. Has many capabilities such as tracking item serial numbers, expiry dates, has a complete and interactive BOM can add photos of the items, multiple warehouse locations the list goes on.


    It is overkill for what I need but the perfect software for our company to grow with.

    Alas I have no actual real experience with it excluding playing with the free trial download so it may become a massive headache, time will tell.

    It is not cheap but if it gets the job done with out any BS or the need for pathetic support calls then take my money so I can spend more time making money.


    If anyone out there in Reckon land is currently utilizing Fishbowl I would love to chat with you to learn the pros and cons from a client side rather than a salespersons advice.

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    How are you going with Fishbowl?  We are very keen to try although have been told it won't work with Hosted...