Scanner problem - not recognising driver software

Keera Member Posts: 2
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I am trying to set up POS Professional 2015 scanner but windows isn't able to recognise the driver for the scanner. I have tried restarting, different USB ports, uninstalling and reinstalling Reckon software as well as Windows operating system. But still doesn't recognise driver. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  • Stella Carr
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    Hi.  If it is the USB Senor scanner provided by Reckon you don't need a driver, only need to scan the barcodes provided in the setup guide.  If it doesn't beep when you plug it into the computer perhaps the scanner itself is faulty.
  • Keera
    Keera Member Posts: 2
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    Thanks for your reply Stella.  Scanner was connected and beeping and we tried resetting countless times.  But good news is Reckon referred me to Senor who remotely logged in and were able to fix the problem.  It was a driver problem but the tech guy did comment that its not a problem he has seen before. Perhaps I was just unlucky!