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Aussie Les
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I need to install quickbooks 7.4 to a new computer.  In the box I have a disk 1 and a disk 4, and also have previously downloaded a file "QBUpdate74.exe".  The client simply needs the second machine as a read only backup machine.  The second machine will be at a different geographic location and never connected to a network.  We will use a portable hard drive to copy / sync the data file.

To install Quickbooks 7, can anyone please confirm:
- I can use disk 1 (only) to install QB7, then
- use the download upgrade file to upgrade to 7.4
- and of course use my serial number to unlock the package

Comments and suggestions welcome.



  • Big Hat
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    With QB 7.4 being old technology you will most probably find it will not install into a Windows 10 environment.

    You should look at upgrading to Reckon Account 2016 though the data upgrading needs to be done n several stages

    John Peppas

  • Aussie Les
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    Thanks.  Looking to install under MS Windows 7 64 bit, same as other machine which has worked for several years.  Trying to check whether the correct process is 1) install QB 7 from disc 1 - and is disc 1 sufficient for installing 7, then 2) can run the QB 7.4 upgrade file
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    i have 7.4 on windows 10