How do I send an invoice to multiple email addresses in Reckon One?

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How can I enter multiple email addresses to a contact in Reckon One? We have customers that ask for their invoices to be sent to a couple of contacts. I have tried , and ; between email addresses but it keeps telling me correct format required


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    Hi Peta,

    Unfortunately you cannot save more than 1 email address per contact as the email address field in the contact record performs some standard email address validation (i.e. must contain at least 1 period, must only contain 1 instance of the @ symbol, cannot contain any spaces... etc)

    A suggested work around you could use is when sending an email, the email preview page that appears before you click send allows you to enter additonal email recipients into the To field.


    This work around may be suitable if you have a 1 off customer who requires multi-recipient emails however if you have many customers who require this then i'd suggest submitting this as a 'product suggestion' via the support page in Reckon One.
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    If you go to your General Settings, select Email Settings, then choose the type of form (Invoices
    for example), then tick to Add CC or BCC by default, then Save. You can add a default email address here or select to leave it blank and add the email address when the email preview pane comes up. 
    Hope this helps. 

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    Thanks for responses, it looks like I have to manually enter the additional email address when I send the invoice which is a bit painful but at least it can be done - when I remember :(