Where is the Amendment Indicator Filed in the Empdupe file for Payroll Premier?

Hamish Baird
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I have corrected an error in the payroll data which impacted all employees in 2015/16.  Unfortunately I have already lodged the Empdupe file to the ATO.  I have been advised by the ATO that I can relodge the corrected Empdupe file, but I must "put an 'A' in the Amendment Indicator Field".  I cannot find this field in Payroll Premier.

Please help.


  • Luke
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    Hi Hamish,

    Would you would need to do in this circumstance is go inside the employee's record > Payment Summaries tab > Set Year Ending as 2016 > Set INB to yes. Now if you run this particular employee's payment summary again, at the top of the payment summary it will say it's an amended payment summary.

    Once you have done that you can now create the empdupe file (Activities > Export > Create Empdupe File for ATO). Ensure the correct details are entered for Empdupe Details and then go to the Advanced tab > click on Select None > tick the Employee you're amending the payment summary for > double-click on the N in the INB column for that employee > it will now turn to a green Y which means it has been amended.

    I hope this helps!

  • Hamish Baird
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    Well done Luke.  Worked a treat.  In my last conversation with the ATO they said I may need to fill-in and submit a paper form, I was certainly starting to feel a little exasperated.
  • Hamish Baird
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    Hi Kevin, thanks a lot for the offer.  Looks like Luke has come through with the goods.