Annual leave on pay slip different to annual leave accrual

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I am using Reckon Accounts Hosted 2016.

I have an employee that had the correct annual leave accrual balance as at 30/6/16 on both his payslip and in the leave balance in his employee file.  In reviewing his annual leave balance on his current payslip I have noticed that there is now a difference between the payslip and the the leave balance in his employee file.  (the leave balance in his employee file is correct!) 

I have traced the error back to the first pay slip in the new financial year.  For some reason annual leave accrued on this payslip has incorrectly reduced by 16 hours and 19 minutes!  

Why would this happen and how do I fix it?


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    I am having a similar problem.  When I entered leave in advance and also entered back pay to cover an increase in the hrly rate it completely threw out the Annual leave balances.  This also happens when I go back to alter a pay if I paid an RDO instead of S/Leave. I entered the correct annual leave entitlement in the employees leave details however when I print the payslip it still shows the incorrect annual leave entitlement.  I have had to resort to using spreadsheets to keep a correct running total of the employees annual leave.  Why does this happen and how do I fix it.
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    Yes, I am having a SIMILAR issue. Any Annual Leave leave taken prior to 30.6.16 does not reflect as "used" on the payslips - Anyone know what needs to be done to correct this - staff begin doubting the system!! TIA
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    did anyone find a solution to this? Similar issue had here. 
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    I am on Reckon hosted and trying to edit accrued leave as I noticed there is an error in calculation between two pay periods.  Very frustrating.  Reckon hasnt answered these posts so I assume it is a glitch they have never fixed.
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    Hi Kerry and everyone, 

    Apologies for the delay in responding, I've had a chat with our Hosted support team in relation to the situation you've highlighted. From what I understand this doesn't look to be widespread however there are obviously a few of you on this thread encountering the same problem. The Hosted support team have asked those who are continuing to experience this issue to please get in contact ASAP at 1300 799 150 so we can take a closer look into this with you.

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    I contacted support team, their solution was to delete all pays for the annual period and employees and re enter using the current actual leave in start up details. Didn't do that. I found that to be completely unsatisfactory, as that would mean a new start date and all service record would not be accurate. again this problem started with an update to the system, I believe, it threw the whole thing out in the pay employee process. there has to be a better option. Waiting.
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    Spoke to Reckon Tech support  – on behalf of a frustrated RA Hosted client of mine today.

    I had spent a bit of time on this issue before ringing Reckon Tech Support. (my bad should have come to this Forum of GRIPS first.
    It was about the above issue - that is with thePayroll Slip Form - and the Data Field: Holiday Available not calculating correctly.


    They admit that there is a known issue (since August 2016) and that there is a  BUG in the program that" results in the “POINTER” in the program being  stuck on a previous record". –

    I was told It will be corrected in the March//April update which is currently in development Betta stage – pre-release testing now.


    It only happens to some Employee Record(s) THERE IS NO FIX!  -  possibly not until March_ April 2017. 

    The problem can be detected by running the two reports and comparing information.

    1.       Leave Accrual Report

    2.       Leave Liability Report

    If there is a difference in values in the report - you have a Reckon Software BUG.

    No problem there will be a fix, albeit not until 8 months later.  Imagine that - selling faulty product all this time.

    I look fwd to next years RA & RAH Product pricing decision - especially when considering the amount of $$ Reckon sucked from clients over the years - to pay for new features /enhanced functionality and of course compliance update and bug fixes.

    Hmm. Renewal time - ah yes there is always the alternative - ReckonOne.

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    I have just spoken to Reckon support about the same issue on Reckon Desktop. Their solution is firstly blame the user for changing the leave accural totals, I thought this was allowed. Then to create a new employee record and make the old record inactive, employee has worked for the company for 19 years. Or not display the leave balance on the payslip. Not really adequate solution. Why not just say "This is a bug and will be fixed in the next upgrade" !! Very frustrating
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    Has this bug been fixed yet? I have found a problem with the annual leave accrual not being the same in the leave liability and leave accrual reports for one of our employees!  The discrepancy occurs in the first pay of this financial year!
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    I have the same problem with an employee and the balances between the leave accrual summary and the leave liability do vary. Has anyone come up with an idea on how to fix this without deleting all of the payslips?
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    I also have this problem. Very awkward to explain to an employee that the accounting system in both right and wrong a the same time. I would expect Reckon to come up with a solution for this ongoing problem by now.
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    I am having the same issue, the annual leave summary report and the employee payslip annual leave is incorrect.  Have emailed Reckon support and will see what happens now.
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    Hi Sharon, thanks for reaching out to us.

    Here is the Knowledge base article for this issue, please follow steps mentioned in this article and let me know how it goes.

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    I've just noticed this on our payslips and it Oct 2023!

    Any answers on how to fix?