Has anyone used Deputy to import to Reckon

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I am after some help please. I use Reckon Hosted and am also using Deputy for a time clock separately. Deputy say they integrate with Reckon but I haven't worked out how to do this properly. Has anyone else had experience importing the timesheets from Deputy into Reckon.  If so how do you find it. I currently export from Deputy into a spreadsheet and manually put into Reckon. If it could be done directly would save me a lot of time. Thanks in advance


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    This inquiry came before , i think, i made some personal effort with Deputy, they were not that helpful. Deputy has a open API, some one has to take challenge to integrate to RAH, that is costly, as we  have our own mobile time sheet which is only designed for Reckon. Right now we can not successfully integrate to RAH. i think in few months time we may be able to do it,

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    I have had an interface written for now to bring Deputy timesheets into Reckon- however I think it is worth Reckon looking at this again as it covers all the other major competitors.

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    Hi Barbara,

    I use Deputy to export my time sheets to Reckon. Have been doing it for a few years now. Once set up it works well. I had the deputy team help me set it up. You need to make sure the payroll items in reckon match exactly the wording in deputy.

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    Thanks Leanne, just trying to revive the interest from Reckon. Deputy works so well for us as a business tool and we are not likely to change from that for scheduling and the HR component too for onboarding.