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in reckon accounts why does the program create a "clean up process" automatically? Any idea on how to stop it?


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    Not sure about this, I have never seen this pop up in 15 years.
    I have regularly seen the prompt to Verfiy the data. You can check the settings on this in Preferences/ General to see how often it will remind you.

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    Hi Marney,

    The Clean Up Company (condense) function is user-initiated, not an automatic action.
    - Click on File > Utilities > Clean up Company Data 

    Are you are perhaps referring to the automated reminder option "Remind me to back up when I close my company file every XXX times." which a user can set to occur after opening/closing the data file?

    Or the one mentioned by DebonAir which is to "Prompt to run Verify XXXXXX" in the "On Exit of Reckon Accounts" section within the Company Preferences tab of the General preferences.

    Where possible please provide more details regarding what you are experiencing, when it occurs, etc to assist community members in recognising the problem.
    Reckon Data Recovery Team
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    Kevin, I have used the condensed option many moons ago, however it did not make the file size smaller, all it did was block access to old data. I could not see the point in that when file size reduction was what I needed to help the program run faster.  We ended up just starting a new file and managing the data better.

    ?I had one client recently that would have 5-6 lines on each cheque so she could see what accounts were available and she would leave these extra lines on every cheque for the past 5 years. This made her file size about 5 times the size it should have been with excess useless entries recorded.