Year to Date Totals on Payslip

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I'm using the Reckon Accounts Premier Edition 2016 and I'm having trouble with the YTD totals on employee payslips.

There had never been an issue with the correct YTD totals on the payslips prior to updating the latest tax tables on October 1st.

Last week when I processed the first lot of pays for October using the latest tax tables, the YTD totals were showing as if that were the first pay of the year (showing the exact same amount as that current payslip - as if the YTD totals reset and started again). I did the pays again this week, and its no different - calculating from the week prior. I cant imagine an update of the tax tables would mean the YTD totals reset and start again from the beginning of October would it?

I'll call Reckon, but hoping someone has had the some problem, or knows how I can fix this? Hope what I've said above makes sense!

Also, now when I go back into payslips with any date prior to October, the YTD total is in the minus, and the last week of September there YTD totals are at $0 !? 



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    Ally, we had the same problem and we rebuilt our data.

    File>Utilities>Rebuild Data

    That fixed the problem.
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    Ahh that fixed it! Thank you so much Natalie for your reply and help! Much appreciated.