RTL Registration (NZ) - 7 Phonecalls Later and No Partner Support

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When working in a NZ-based Reckon file, you have to convert the aba file using a product called RTL Bill Payment Utility, which can't even be used once until it's registered.  The free phone number to register this product doesn't work from a mobile phone, and Reckon NZ don't have a phone system that works.  I've tried 6 different numbers for them and can't even get to an answerphone, let alone a real person.

Because I have a new computer, I need to register the product.  This means I can't pay anything today.  Sorry, client's staff, let's hope Reckon can do better tomorrow. 


  • Rav
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    Hi A Balancing Act,

    I'm really sorry to hear that your experience in getting assistance has been less than ideal today, in fact sounds rather poor and I sincerely apologise for that.

    If you're able to send through as many details as possible including your best contact number, I'll organise for the NZ team to address this first thing when they're back on board in the morning. My email address is community@reckon.com 


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  • Bronwyn60
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    I am so angry as I am trying to make payments today being the 20th of the month, but when I went into RTL to convert the ABA file downloaded from Reckon, I get the message to call 0800 933606 to get a new authorisation code. I phone the number and am told I'm ringing outside working hours.

    Unfortunately I cannot proceed without the authorisation code. I have complained every year to Reckon about this, as sometimes I do work weekends or after hours, and there is no notice given of when the RTL Utility is going to need updating. I have promised to pay our suppliers on the 20th and now it can't happen today!

    It would be preferable if there was notice given that RTL will need renewing in X number of days, but to still be able to use it until you can get through to get the new authorisation code.

    No happy at all!!!

  • Eric Murphy
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    I have no idea if this is what you need but if it's an Installation Key then it's available in the members area.

    If you have prior experience with this and you know they're not open over the weekend, why have you left it to the last minute yet again? Sounds pretty silly to me and you only have yourself to blame.