How can I set up an account in Personal Plus to monitor transactions and balance in an Industry Ret

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How can I schedule or automate the transactions in a brokerage account so they enter automatically each month? The purpose is to track the balance and transactions in an Australian Super Retirement Fund (Australia's largest Industry retirement fund). Three transaction occur each month: • Pensions are paid monthly and is constant 5% of balance per year (i.e. 5%/12 per month). • Admin fee is $1.5 per week, charged monthly (mostly $6 pm but sometime $7.50 pm; I’ll manually change the $6.00 to $7.50 when it occurs). • Asset based fee is 0.11% of balance up to a maximum of $750 p.a. Australian Super does not provide unit prices and does not calculate the number of units owned. It provides a spreadsheet for download which has cumulative daily % change in value since 1 January 2008. From this I calculate a daily unit price, and can then calculate units owned and units bought and sold. I load the unit price (I calculated) into Reckon. I want to schedule/automate (or greatly simplify) the entry of these regular monthly transactions.


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    Surely there must be someone who can explain how to set up Personal Plus to monitor the value of their retirement funds held in an Industry Fund?
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    It appears not, I would also like help on this. Cheers