Do I have to use a mouse?

Jesse De Vries
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Most serious applications (and users) avoid using the mouse by memorizing keyboard shortcuts and tabbing from one box to the next.  The standalone Reckon Accounts Personal Plus happily meets that requirement.
You can tab between some of the boxes, but not alll, and it seems I'm forced to click "Save & New" between each and every entry?  Really?

Do serious users actually use this web application, with its seemingly constant need for mouse clicks?  Everything must take twice as long to do!


  • Rav
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    Hi Jesse,

    Welcome to the Reckon Community,

    As Reckon One is a cloud based solution and used via a browser, keyboard shortcuts will default to the shortcut functions of the browser in use itself as technically, the browser is the program/application that is running.

    Having a locally installed program such as Personal Plus as you've mentioned allows for dedicated tasks/processes including shortcuts that are unique to the local program itself.