Can I change the remittance to show which invoices credits are being applied?

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    Hi All,
    I see this question was never answered but it is something I have been wondering for years and never got around to looking into. I am currently having problems with a supplier consistently wrongly allocating the credits I have applied to individual invoices when paying my monthly account. The remittance doesn't show which credits have been applied to which invoices so the vendor has to manually work it out which is very time consuming. Any ideas?
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    Hi there Ruben,
    I can certainly see where you're coming from, at this stage I don't have any indication on any changes in this area unfortunately. How would you see the workflow on this?
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    Hi Rav,
    I think there needs to be another 2 columns on the remittance advice. One would be for the amount credited off that particular invoice and another for the vendor's credit note number. Sometimes for one vendor I might have 50 invoices and 10 credits on a statement. If I make a part payment including half the invoices and a half of the credits say, the vendor's accounts dept is scratching their head trying to work out what I've done. Then in turn if they apply my payment differently than I had intended I have to call them to work out why my next statement is all mixed up.
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    After speaking to several other business owners in my local area who use Reckon we are all having the same issue. I also see many people complaining about this issue on the US Quickbooks forums. I really can't see why such an obvious simple function isn't available in 2018. Can you please find out if anything will be done about this?
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    Providing a clear Remittance Advice detailing credit allocations to suppliers is such a basic bookkeeping function. I cannot understand why Reckon/Quickbooks have not addressed this obvious problem long ago. It continues to be a thorn in my side. 
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    Hi All

    If you apply Bill Credits at the time of allocating the Bill Payment, they will show on the Supplier's Remittance Advice for that Payment.

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