Hi Can I lodge FBT on Reckon Accounts Hosted?

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    Hi Candy,

    There's a video here which outlines how to process FBT in Reckon Accounts Hosted -

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    Hi Rav, Thanks but this is the video for lodging FBT on Employee Payment Summary.
    What i want to do is lodging the actual Fringe Benefit Tax Return for 2016/17 to ATO.
  • cosmiccosmic Reckon Developer Partner Posts: 1,043 ✭✭
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    Candy , you need to have Reckon Tax Elite software to lodge , or you may have to  lodge via ATO portal ,
    May be call me i can help you , i am also a TAX agent and can lodge FBT Returns
    if you are keen call me on  0407068942
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    Candy the ato website says you need sbr enabled software. 

    Or by post 

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