Turn Sales Order to Invoices in batches

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Is there a function to turn Sales Orders into Invoices in batches?
I have Sales orders that i need to turn to delivery notes,then print, then invoices (24+) at a time the process is so slow. Can anyone help? I have used software in the past where you would tick  all the sales orders and then they would process to invoices. Thanks in advance


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    Hi JUSHE,

    If  you have multiple sales orders for the one customer, you can create one invoice out of all of them.  Just create a new invoice for that customer and you will be prompted with a message saying there are sales orders for this customer, and then you can tick off the ones you want to use.

    Other than that there is not another option for batch sales orders.

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    Hi Shane and thank you for your reply I am not at work but will check if this will work for me.

    My customer is a head office and they have say 8 different addresses set up inside the customer one address for each DC /store.

    So it can be rather time consuming changing from sales order to delivery note and then Invoice for each DC/store and then I have to individually email each Invoice to each.

    I would be so thankful for a more efficient system.

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