Sending Forms email tick not removing when invoices sent individually

Kay Smart, Accredited ConsultantKay Smart, Accredited Consultant Member Posts: 106
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We have the auto tick on when an email address is present.  Invoices are sent as they are processed.  When we go to send the statements as a batch the invoices that have already been sent through out the month are sitting there.  Any suggestions. 


  • Kerrie HKerrie H Member Posts: 139
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    I've had this problem also and have kept them with the auto tick as sometimes I don't have time to send the email straight away.  When I disabled the auto tick I had customers complaining they were receiving only some invoices.  Now I have to remember to manually untick or which invoices have been emailed when I go into the batch.  I tried to explain this to Reckon and asked for a fix but they weren't interested.  Unfortunately having the auto tick also means that I have to remember to untick any sales orders I have entered or they unnecessarily get sent in the batch too.  This is very problematic and as I have been training a new employee they asked "Why doesn't Reckon just fix it, it is so confusing!"
  • JimboJimbo Member Posts: 9
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    This has also been a big annoyance for me - I don't use batching and send each invoice after I have produced it.  When we print the invoice the "Print" box automatically unticks and I would like the same to be true for the "Email" box.  Suggested this years ago to Reckon but never had a reply.  Quite often I send out the invoice twice because I didn't know whether I had done it and not unticked the box.

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