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Vanessa Lander
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emailing problems invoices etc
we use accounts hosted.
we are still having problems with invoices going to people's junk mail and people just not getting invoices. we send 1000 ( yes one thousand) invoices every quarter. this quarter we sent slowly, ie a small amount every hour as sometimes hotmail / gmail blocks all emails once you exceed a certain number.
we have STILL had people say they did not receive the invoice, nor was it in junk. the email address was correct.
i would like a feature with Reckon where we get a reply email if 
1. the email address is wrong and it was not sent in the first place
2. the email did not get through

with outlook and our website, whenever i send an email i get a reply if it is not received. with reckon this has never been the case, so i have no way of following up invoices if i do not know who did/ didn't get them in the first place!
at the moment we are texting customers which takes a whole day!!! just to find out if they got the invoice. 
this is frustrating and is something that needs to be looked at.

Would like to know how this is going, As i safe all my invoices and send from Outlook so I know the receiver is getting them as i get a read receipt back would save so much time if i didn't have too. Please Reckon can we please get the option of getting a delivery and read receipt.


  • Rav
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    Hi Vanessa,

    The team are exploring their options at making changes to the Hosted email processes in order to make it more on par with the Reckon One email experience/process.

    This is a significant task which requires extensive investigation, development and resourcing. Realistically, this will not occur until after tax time at the earliest so its still early days at this stage.

    However as more information comes to hand on this I'll provide updates to the Community so keep an eye out.

  • Allan Hamblin_8709759
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    I email only 3 invoices per month QB 10/11 which uses Outlook (often difficult to complete), they go in outbox and then sent box, then into folder for each. I don't ask for read receipt, but why wouldn't it work?
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    I believed everyone is having this problem with Reckon Hosted email. This should be fixed ASSP. Before customer starting to move away from Reckon Hosted.