I'm having issues uploading excel files to the items list.

Blair Wickham
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No errors in the data - I've only changed the description, cost and item name of a number of products yet they do not update in the items list when it is re-uploaded. Have tried .csv and various excel file formats. Any ideas?


  • Blair Wickham
    Blair Wickham Member Posts: 2
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    Hi Kevin - no, can you please tell me how to find that?
  • Gillian_8166819
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    Hi Blair,

    you cannot change an item name - this is the constant that Reckon needs, A change to the name will want to create a new item. Also if the items you are trying to import are inventory items you MUST include the type - Inventory Part.

    see how that goes

    In fact you need the type column to be part of the import - so make sure you get that right for YOUR item type otherwise new items will be created.

    Remember to backup before importing!!