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Annie O'ConnorAnnie O'Connor Member Posts: 9
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We are looking to implement Reckon hosted - does this mean that premier payroll is included? Or is this something that needs to be purchased separately?


  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 10,906 Administrator
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    Hi Annie,

    Payroll Premier is a standalone product in its own right which is separate from the Reckon Accounts Hosted solution.

    Reckon Accounts Hosted does however come with its own payroll module/function built within it which I'd recommend checking out with our free 30 day trial HERE
  • Annie O'ConnorAnnie O'Connor Member Posts: 9
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    Thanks Rav. I have been using a 'trial' account but was keen to to know what additional features payroll premier offers?

  • Shirley IngleShirley Ingle Accredited Partner Posts: 191
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    Hi Annie  As far as which Payroll program to use, it comes down to what do you need from a Payroll program and how many employees. I used to only use Payroll Premier for a Payroll program. Now days Integrated Payroll has come a long way. Premier still has the better reporting but you can usually do a work around in the Integrated Payroll within Hosted. By having Payroll with the rest of your accounting makes sense. No need for added entries. You can limit who sees Payroll within Hosted if that is one of your concerns. Also by using payroll within Hosted, you save money by not having to purchase another program, load updates etc.
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