'New Transaction Allocation' Ajax/JS issue

BWPandaBWPanda Member Posts: 17
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Sometimes, when I am entering a money in/out payment, the 'New Transaction Allocation' section mucks up and I cannot complete the form.

It starts off like this when I click the 'New' tab (note the red borders around the fields):
If I fill in the form by selecting an account and entering an amount, I cannot click off the row to 'save' it. Normally you click off the row and the green background disappears and the editable fields change to just display what you've entered. However I cannot click off the row and therefore no other buttons work - including the 'Add new row' and 'Save & close' buttons. I'm forced to refresh the page (or navigate away and then back again), losing everything I've entered, and try again. But the problem often reoccurs.

I use Firefox as my browser, and the same problem happens when I restart Firefox with addons disabled (i.e. in safe mode).
My experience tells me this may be an Ajax/JavaScript issue...

Help appreciated!


  • Dave DennisDave Dennis Member Posts: 24
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    Why no answer for this problem?

    I am expereiencing a similar problem, only in my case the "Add new row" button is unresponsive. When I hover over the button I notice that the date in the url is that default "today date" that does not match the modified date of the new payment I am entering.

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