Emailing invoices from Reckon 2017 through outlook 2016

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I have recently upgraded both reckon and windows. Initially when I tried to email invoices it would work but it would send 2 emails each time, something that became irritating to customers.

Then after reading some things on this page and playing around (checking and unchecking - display each email when sending more than one (i left this unchecked)), now when I send an invoice it will just sit in the outbox and not send at all.

One thing I did notice when sending some other practice emails was that the emails from reckon dont have a date on it i.e. emails composed directly in outlook came up as 'today' and were sent. The emails composed by reckon have 'none' written next to date.

I was able to get back to it sending again but then it still sent it twice.

NOTE: i purchased reckon hosted but am using the desk top version - reckon accounts enterprise

Any help would be great. Thanks


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    Hi Joel,

    Welcome to the Reckon Community.

    Normally when sending an email batch the emails will stay in the Outlook Outbox until all the emails from Reckon Accounts are processed.  You may notice a "Switch To" message come up.  You should click it.  Otherwise Reckon accounts may freeze.  

    Otherwise there may be an issue with your Outlook - see the Microsoft guide: Email stuck in the Outbox in Microsoft Outlook.

    Hope this helps.


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    Hi Joel, is there no way to fix the "switch to" as I send out 50 + emails on a monthly basis and it's really crap.  Thanks
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    We've been assisting your own thread you have created.

    I'd suggest keeping the conversation there in regard to your issue rather than continually spamming threads some as old as 2-3 years years old. It doesn't add anything constructive or moves us forward in trying to get to the bottom of your problem.
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