TPAR Report - Suppliers with reportable and non-reportable activity

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Is there the ability to allocate specific items/ income account numbers to the TPAR report or just individual suppliers?

We work with suppliers that supply TPAR reportable and non-reportable items on the same invoice which we separate using different income account numbers however it appears that the TPAR report produced in Reckon One is simply based on eligible suppliers with the ability to exclude individual invoices.

Is there any way around this or will I need to manually produce my own report and do a manual lodgement of the TPAR report to the ATO.

I also get the following error message at the top of the screen in the TPAR report page even thought  phone numbers are entered in the book settings.

You're missing phone code or phone number information - this is required to create a TPAR report. Go to the Book settings to add in this info.
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