Tax Payable account slightly out due to whole dollars submitted to ATO. How to adjust

Michelle MunchowMichelle Munchow Member Posts: 4
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How do I write off the difference in my Tax Payable account due to the fact that we only deal in whole dollars to ATO. Have always been slightly out but would like to get it to match. What would the general journal entry be.


  • CharleyCharley Member Posts: 549 ✭✭
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    Rounding expense the difference
  • Glenda VealeGlenda Veale Member Posts: 178
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    That's what I do also.  Created an expense account called Rounding and then the accountant deals with it at tax time.

  • CharleyCharley Member Posts: 549 ✭✭
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    It would be lucky to be a couple of dollars; not material
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