A pay run created two journal entries

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In late July, we created a pay run.  Somehow while there is only one pay run, two journal entries were created for that pay run.  You do not seem to be able to delete one of the journal entries for that pay run.  I created another journal entry which reversed the Wages expense, super etc, but these reversals appear in the creditors report.  Has anyone got a suggestion as to what I should do here.


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    Thanks for asking Michael,

    Software programmes use modules to do specialist tasks like Payroll and push totals back to the software core.  Details of the transaction are kept in the module.  Reporting and other exports will be generated from the detail kept in the module.  So if you have to make changes to a completed transaction it is important to do the change with processes that affect the originating module.  Changes to payroll can be done by a journal and correctly affect the Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet, but it will not adjust the payroll module where the transaction was originally done, so payroll reports, payment summaries, totals for BAS, payroll liability reports, super export files, etc will not reflect the changes made by the journal.  

    Changes to payroll must be done by adjusting the original payrun.  First, you'll have to unwind any transaction that hangs off a previous process - like the payment from the bank account.  Then undo the payrun so that you can change details on individual employee pay scripts.  With major changes you'll probably have to replace the error component with suspense entry and add the correct component so that Net Pay remains the same and other registers are properly adjusted.  Then rerun the pays.  

    Hope this helps.

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    Thanks for your advice.  As we have had two pay runs since and your solution seems a bit complicated, we have just created a journal entry which reverses one of the two journal entries created by the pay run.  
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    This has just happened to me.  Can I confirm, that, although I didn't enter 2 pay runs,  and Reckon One duplicated the payroll entry by itself,there is no way  to delete the second duplicated transaction?   I have to delete the entire pay run to get rid of the system generated duplicated entry?  & then enter the entire pay run again?  & if there are any entries left I need to do a journal to clear them?  
  • LukeLuke Reckon Staff Posts: 281
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    Hi Hair Today,

    Yes, unfortunately if this occurs the only way to fix the duplication of journals is to delete the entire payrun and then enter it in again.

    If it happens again, instead of using a journal entry to clear the amount, it's best to speak to one of our technicians so we can get this investigated further by our development team.

  • Hair TodayHair Today Member Posts: 13
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    Hi Luke - 

    I have deleted the pay run & it has reversed one set of the journal entries but the other two are still sitting there.  Is there a way I can get someone to contact me so I don't have to sit on hold, explain it from scratch etc?  I really need some serious convincing to persevere with Reckon One.
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