Printing / Exporting a Journal entry

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I am new to Reckon and cannot find the print / export option in the journal page. 
Any assistant will be appreciated.


  • Shane_6461899
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    Hi Ray,

    If you mean in a general journal, the print button is at the top next to the next and previous buttons.


  • Ray_9187215
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    Hi Shane,

    I am using a Reckon one and have a different screen:

    Do you know where I can print from here?

  • Jacqui Allen
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    try ctrl+p
  • Bobber
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    In ReckonONE, it does not allow to print the journal to prtr nor to pdf in the same format as I view it in its entirety on the screen. CRTL-P gives you a screen dump not a printout. 

  • Ms Yuen
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    Hi Shane,

    May i know how to print whole content of the Memo / Description / Account in General Journal transaction. Thanks.

  • Acctd4
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    Hi @Ms Yuen

    As the "Print" button on the GJ screen doesn't display the report on-screen first, I would locate the GJ in the Find section & generate the report from there. (TIP: Filter the search for just that specific Date & for Journal Transction Type to narrow it down to just that entry)

    On screen, you can then expand any report column by hovering your mouse over the column separator diamond & when the cursor turns into a double-ended arrow, clicking down & dragging the column out to the right.

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  • Ms Yuen
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    Hi Shaz,

    Thanks for your information so much,