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Caron GreenCaron Green Member Posts: 6
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We are using Reckon Hosted and when I run a Sales by Customer Detail Report, the totals are not GST inclusive. When I modify the report and click the GROSS button, the names disappear and the report is unusable. Any ideas what else I can do or what report I can run. I really need to see the invoice Total inc GST


  • LukeLuke Reckon Staff Posts: 281
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    Hi Caron,

    You can use the Custom Transaction Detail Report to do this.

    1. Go to Reports > Custom Transaction Detail Report
    2. Display tab > Total by > Customer
    3. Filters tab > TransactionType > Tax Invoice
    4. Filters tab > Detail Level > Summary only
    5. OK

    I hope this helps.

  • Caron GreenCaron Green Member Posts: 6
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    Thanks for your help Luke, not quite as basic as the 'Old Quickbooks', but I think it might do the job.

  • Shirley IngleShirley Ingle Accredited Partner Posts: 191
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    Hi Caron  Try this, Edit, Preferences, Reports and Graphs, Company Preferences.

    Change to Accrual and Gross. That will give you your Sales reports including GST.

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