Gross Wage / Payment Summary Adjustment

Amanda Kavanagh
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My husband & I are paid a wage by our business and I record this in the payroll section of Quickbooks 2017. Our accountant wants me to change our gross wages for the 2016/2017 financial year so our payment summaries reflect a certain figure. How can I do this without changing paycheques. Is there a simple way to make the changes? Thanks


  • John Peppas
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    Call me on 0418 771 971 and I will be happy to assist
  • John Graetz
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    Hi Amanda.  What your accountant is asking you to do is to falsify your records and particularly your dealings with the ATO.  Depending on just which way John Peppas decides to provide you with a method, the likely ramifications are that:
    1.  Your payroll records will no longer reconcile against your Payment Summaries
    2.  Your reported gross payments as advised on your BAS will probably not reconcile with your Annual Payments Summary totals lodged with the ATO, which in itself could elicit an enquiry from the ATO.
    John L G