KB - Reckon Account is frozen and taking long to backup. Not responding when doing the file backup.

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Have you been wondering "Why does my Reckon Accounts Business (and/or Hosted) freeze when backing up my data file?" or "Why does Complete Verifications option on backup file, in Reckon Accounts (Desktop or Hosted both) take longer to complete?"

Please see our latest KB on why you get Not responding error when doing a backup ?in Reckon Accounts Business or in Reckon accounts Hosted data file.


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    Great explanation Shisir.  There is still one issue though in respect of doing this for Hosted.  In your example you have ticked the box "Limit the number of saved on demand back-up copies to.3 per folder".  I don't know if you are aware, but this feature refuses to work in Hosted and has been the subject of discussions on this forum over a long period of time.  One has to delete them manually which is more than a pain in the neck.  When is somebody going to do something about getting this operational?  We have been waiting for years now for this to happen.  This is a great example of Reckon not being bothered about fixing a problem for its users despite its attention being drawn to the problem.  Quite frankly, it is a disgrace..
    John L G
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    Thanks, John, glad you liked it.
    Just clarification to other readers so as not to confuse, that this issue as mentioned by John, where the backup limit is not working is not relevant to the issue on this community post “where RA is frozen on backup”. It is the different issue.

    Thanks for bringing this issue up again John. I have communicated this through to the product management team. Unfortunately, at this moment we will have to continue to delete the old backup files manually from hosted.


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