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I am reconcilling bank transactions and find it quite frustrating the time it takes for each transaction to be reconcilled, our internet speed is fine as every other program i have is working fine, it is only reckon one that i have the speed issue with , then i get a message saying that Reckon one has timed out, quite frustrating when you have a lot of transactions to reconcile.


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    Well I reconcile the bank every day. Would that make a difference?
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    I've recently setup some clients with Reckon One, so still learning myself.However, like you have found Erin, it can be slow. As we are going back to 1/7/2016, and have successfully imported Transactions. With rules setup for most, EVERY transaction seems to need individual processing to reconcile. Hurry up Reckon, and get this sorted - I have been told a 'bulk reconciliation process' may be on the drawing board......

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    Hi David, good luck with it and hopefully if the BULK RECONCILLING is on the drawing baord it will be sooner than later, as it gets quite frustrating when trying to do the reconcilling.

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