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As most of us probably do, I send dozens to hundreds of emails per week from Reckon Accounts Premier, via MS Outlook.  I do not use Outlook as my email client - only as my Reckon sending client (as I could not get Reckon to work with anything else).

Reckon, by default, creates a plain text email.  Unfortunately I prefer my emails to actually look professional with a proper signature, and this requires me to change the format of EACH AND EVERY email in Outlook by going to the Format tab and selecting HTML, then going back to the Mail tab and inserting my signature.  I am unable to automatically insert the signature as when the email is converted to HTML, the signature stays in plain text.

These additional steps account for approximately 75% of the time I spend on emailing invoices and whatnot from Reckon, it's an infuriating waste of time.

How can I force Reckon and/or Outlook to format all outgoing messages as HTML?  If I can do this, I can then set Outlook up to automatically insert the signature and I can SIGNIFICANTLY reduce the amount of time I spend performing tasks which we shouldn't have had to do since about 1985.



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    Any ideas, or any indication from a Reckon staff member as to when the software might catch up to the rest of the world?
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    this is definitely going to prevent me from using this software if i cannot even add my own logo into emails!

    very unprofessional...
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    You can do it, but it's a stupidly roundabout process..

    Reckon creates new email
    Click "Format" tab
    Click "HTML"
    Click "Home" tab
    Click "Signature"
    Select your saved signature
    Click "Send"

    You have to do this for EVERY SINGLE EMAIL you send from Reckon, and it's one of the main reasons my company will be moving away from this antique piece of software at the end of the financial year.
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    thanks Goaty,

    i am researching software atm - just for a sole trader - and this is enough to put me off. i need something that will save me time, not create more work.

    guess i will keep looking...

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    You can register for a trial copy of Reckon, 30 days I think.  I would HIGHLY recommend using that before spending the money on the product..

    Reckon is an offshoot of the old Quickbooks and seems to be geared more towards accountants and bookkeepers than business owners.  Their support is rubbish (this forum full of other users is basically the only support that is of any help) and there are feature requests from YEARS ago sitting there waiting.  As you can see I asked about this issue four months ago and have had zero interest from Reckon staff that patrol this board.

    I have some bookkeeping experience and am a former IT consultant so managed to teach myself how to use Reckon well enough to run a company with 78 staff, but it has been a painful process.  I was somewhat forced into using Reckon for its unlimited payroll as I was against the idea of paying for payroll services on a per-staff basis.  I'm now pretty much stuck with Reckon until the end of the financial year as I don't want to make the switch halfway through and be keeping two sets of records.

    If you're looking for something simple that will just create invoices and track spending, and will help you save time, then I'd be looking elsewhere.
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    i have been using the demo account if it was not for a couple of very frustrating omissions, i would probably be quite happy with it - especially for the price. i just need something for a part-time business i have and want to move away from using excel spreadsheets. but there is not a lot out there for this sort of price or geared towards a very small business.

    i appreciate your feedback tho - it bothers me the support is so poor. i might have to bite the bullet and spend a little bit more on a better product.

    thanks and good luck with your switch later this year. 
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