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Is anybody having trouble Reconciling their bank accounts.  I've just finished doing July 2017 transactions and figures are all correct.  When I click on Reconciliation, I am taken back to the main Bank Account screen.  Would love to know if you have had this problem and how you have rectified it?


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    There is a whole thread somewhere - if I was clever I could link you to it.  The gist of it is that you can't reconcile unless every transaction in that period has been cleared, so if you wrote a cheque on the 29th of the month and it hasn't cleared by the 30th of the month, then you can't reconcile as at the 30th of the month.  Very confusing- they say they are considering fixing it in an upgrade but the original question was from 2 years ago.
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    Welcome to the Reckon Community Katie,

    Are the transactions you reconciled showing as reconciled in the ledger?


    If you have one transaction that has not been reconciled, then when you click Finish Reconciliation, the next option of locking the period and printing the report will not be offered.  This step will lock off the books at the reconciliation date, which you do not want yet as you still have at least one transaction that you need access to. 

    You can print a Reconciliation report from the Reports Centre. 

    You can lock off any period at any time through the spanner icon and entering a date in the Transaction lock off date field.    

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    Hi John. This whole reconciliation thing confuses me completely. I can reconcile 3 of my bank accounts, but the main operating account with many transactions won't reconcile at the last day of the month. Mostly I have to use the first of the next month to actually get a somewhat accurate report. I've read your information above, but wonder about the "New" tab. What happens if there are transactions left in there, that haven't been reconciled or allocated? 
    Thanks in advance for any direction and advice.
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