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Arthur Bortz
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I have a casual employee that is not a permanent employee. I have added annual leave and annual leave loading to her details but when I want to pay the annual leave it does not show up.
How do I fix this?


  • glendaveale
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    Casuals normally do not get paid annual leave or loading as this is included in their 25% casual loading.
  • Arthur Bortz
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    She was a casual but changed to permanent employee
  • Kwikbooks (Professional Partner)
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    have you ticked the leave liabilty box in their leave details?

    If it hasn't been working since they went permanent, you will have to go back and fix each pay or work out how much leave they should have gotten manually and enter on the personal and leave cards manually.  Then it will show up to pay.
  • Jacqui Allen
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    Have you checked the leave card, the maximum number of hours should be blankimage