Emailing Payslips Error

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Having trouble e-mailing and even printing the weekly e-mails. Payslips are correct and selected in the 'Email Payslips' section but when it goes to the next screen where you authorise the e-mails and send nothing comes up at all so I can not send anything. 

Also nothing showing in the print option too. Everything is in correctly is there an issue with this at the moment?

Can anyone help?


  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 10,763 Administrator
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    Hi Caroline,

    Sorry to hear you are experiencing this problem.

    The Send Forms to Send list cannot show a corrupted email and will not show 'good' emails that follow a corrupted one in the list.  If your list is blank and you know there should be emails waiting to be sent, then an email is corrupt.

    When you exit Select Forms to Send, Reckon Accounts will delete only the first corrupted email.  You will need to enter and exit Send Forms to Email as many times as required until the last of the emails is displayed and all corrupted emails are deleted.

    A full guide is at:  Send Forms list is blank and there are no Payment Summaries to email.

    Give that a go, unfortunately it can take some time depending on where the corruption is but let me know how you get on. 
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