Add GP percentage & WIP amount to Job Profitability Detail Report

StephenStephen Member Posts: 4
We are currently running Reckon Accounts Enterprise Manufacturing & Wholesale Edition 2017 and would like to customise the Job Profitability Detail report so that it provided the following;

• WIP amount ($ Actual cost less $ Actual revenue)
• GP % ($ Difference divided by $ Actual revenue multiplied by 100)

Is this possible within existing Reckon reports and if not, are there any add ins out there that would enable additional report customization for reckon Accounts Enterprise?


  • Jay Jay LiJay Jay Li Reckon Staff Posts: 33
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    Hi Stephen, 
    Welcome to Reckon Community.
    Report modification with in the Reckon Accounts software  do not include additional calculation.  
    We recommend to general the Job profitability report and export the report to MS excel workbook and you can make further modification with in excel to get the report you are looking for. 

    Sorry we don't have any recommendation about the add on. 
  • StephenStephen Member Posts: 4
    edited December 2017
    This is a very cumbersome option and we are already doing this. We are trying to become more efficient not less!
    How do we encourage your software developers to provide more flexibility for report generation within your software?
  • cosmiccosmic Reckon Developer Partner Posts: 1,182 ✭✭
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    Have a watch on this video we can customise to your exact need
    this video is about 5 yrs plus old
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