Invoice & Bill Due Dates

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Just a wee idea...

Something that would be very useful would be to at a glance see a column with due dates for all Invoices and Bills listed under Money In > Invoices and Money Out > Bills. The mobile app appears to have this feature as the due date is shown next to each Invoice or Bill (very handy), whereas the web version simply shows whether an Invoice or Bill is "unpaid" or "overdue"; you have to click into each separate Invoice or Bill to check the due date. A separate column with payment due dates would be ideal. Either that, or a dashboard widget that reminds you of upcoming Invoice/Bill payments falling due in the next say 3-5 days would be great.



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    Hi Matt

    If you go to reports > Customers > Unpaid Invoices you will get just the report you are looking for.

    Hope this helps.

    Kind Regards

    Kim Chapman

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    I agree with you Matt, When looking at the list you are not able to see when the invoices or bills are due and that would be a good thing to have. A widget setting allowing you to see when bills are coming due would also be great. Yes Kim, within the reports you can see this information which is also very helpful.
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    Thanks Kim and Geoff. The report you refer to Kim certainly provides the info required, although it seems less than ideal to have to generate a report just to check due dates. I think it should be something that you can simply view on the Invoices and Bills lists (just like the mobile app). Cheers
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