Corrupt supplier bill - can't reopen once entered

Marion LockwoodMarion Lockwood Member Posts: 3
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I have Reckon Hosted. I have raised a supplier bill and when I want to reopen it I get an error message and the system is shutting down. It only happens with that one particular invoice. To be able to keep working I had to raise a credit note, apply it against the trouble bill to cancel it out and raise a new bill. In future, if it happens again, what can I do to open and/or delete this invoice without getting an error massage? Thank you.


  • GillianGillian Member Posts: 102
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    Hi Marion,

    go to edit heading dropdown, select use register and select Accounts Payable. Find the bill and 1 click to highlight - don't double click to open. press ctrl D on your keyboard and this should delete it


  • Marion LockwoodMarion Lockwood Member Posts: 3
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    Thank you! That worked. Good to know for the future. +++++
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