'Emailed' stamp on Invoices

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There is currently no way of tracking whether an invoice has been emailed to a customer through Reckon Hosted.

Perhaps an 'EMAILED' stamp on the invoice once it has been sent, just like the 'PAID' stamp appears once an invoice has been paid, could be an option.


  • Jan VJan V Member Posts: 29
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    Rebecca, this is a fabulous idea!
  • cosmiccosmic Reckon Developer Partner Posts: 1,182 ✭✭
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    Yes , there is , Cosmic  invoice for RAH ,  will guarantee ALL INVOICES IS SEEN BY THE  RECEIVER.
    And as well the receive will see on the email screen , who the actual sender is not showing as :Reckon Hosted

  • Catherine HealyCatherine Healy Member Posts: 16
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    How do you apply "EMAILED" stamped on an invoice when you have emailed it.
  • Robyn Kelly (Partner)Robyn Kelly (Partner) Accredited Partner Posts: 542 ✭✭
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    Chandra is that only Hosted? And what are the costs please.

    Thanks, Robyn Kelly

  • cosmiccosmic Reckon Developer Partner Posts: 1,182 ✭✭
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    only hosted  yes
    Cosmic for RAH  is a big system . cost is per transactions and unlimited users.
    I have posted so much info on this , please see our web site:www.cosmicinnovations.com
    for all partners its FREE to use for personal use and to show to clients

    call me to get you logins for live demo or send me email pls

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    I am bringing this topic back up.  I find it very frustrating in RAH that I can email the invoice through RAH but RAH does not show the email date in the History nor does the appearance of the final invoice change to indicate it has been sent. 
  • Jan VJan V Member Posts: 29
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    Great point! I'm frustrated no knowing if my email has been sent and no receipt to say the customer has received same.
  • RebeccaRebecca Member Posts: 2
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    Agree! We now save invoices and send through our separate emails so we can track. Very frustrating!
  • GoGoGoGo Member Posts: 5
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    I email 1 to myself  using Cc You receive the carbon copy you have sent
  • SherylSheryl Member Posts: 36
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    Hi Gloria.  I have this set up in preferences to send a bcc to me also.  However, it still does not indicate in RAH when the invoice has actually been sent.  Today, I was reviewing this again as an invoice appeared to be sent as it had not yet been marked pending.  I discovered when I selected the "history" tab it would not display any history.  When I select the history tab for invoices I know have been sent.  There is a history, although the sent date still says "pending"
  • SherylSheryl Member Posts: 36
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    Recent discovery.  Maybe others understand this process, however, when I took on my current role and was trained by my predecessor how to email invoices/statements it was not using the "Send Forms" option under the File Tab. I came across the "Send Forms" option and discovered there was a list of forms to send from July, eventhough I knew they had already been sent.

    I send invoices and statements from the Customer centre, or the Invoice screen or when I create a Statement.  However, by doing it this way, the history status always shows "pending" as the date sent. 

    As a test, I sent an invoice (previously sent) to the customer with a warning it would be a duplicate from the "Send Forms" tab. 

    RAH Froze. 

    Waited until Tech support opened to learn Pressing Alt+PgUp then Send would unfreeze the screen.
    The invoice was now resent through the Send Forms Screen and updated Invoice History.

    As I understand from this, to achieve a "sent date" in history the forms must be sent via the "Send Forms" function under the File tab. 

    How do the forms generate under that list?  Is it when they are created and the email option is ticked?  I DO NOT want to be sending duplicate forms.

    Thanks everyone.

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