Invalid Tax ID - Reckon One - how far back can I Process Payroll?

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We are processing a client's 2013 accounts in Reckon One.
I've setup Payroll, and the employee's, but when I go to do a payrun it comes up with an error 'Invalid tax id for employee xx'
It won't work out the PAYG tax, nor will it allow me to manually enter the tax.
The TFN is correct, I've tried using 000000000 TFN instead, but it comes up with the same error.

I've since created a payrun with 2018 date and the error is not longer there and it is working out the tax. So I'm assuming Reckon One can't do tax for prior years? How far back can Reckon One go for PAYG tax?

Also, is there a way I override the tax in 2013? At this stage with the error, it won't let me do anything with the tax withheld in the payrun and I'm thinking I might just have to journal all the pays in.



  • John GJohn G Reckon Staff Posts: 2,283 ✭✭
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    Hello Kate,

    Thanks for asking.

    Yes, you can input a payroll for a past financial year.
    Yes, you can override the tax amount - which you must do if there was a change in PAYG tax rates and thresholds over the financial year.  Click on the Details pen in the Tax section of the Pay Run for the employee and another box will open where you can select to vary the tax amount.  

    Please check your Tax File Number again.  Invalid numbers will be alerted but you should be able to continue with your changes to the employee record and continue with the pay run.


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