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Estimates need a status of won, lost or pending not just active or not active.   Many comments on having to go into each estimate after it is invoiced so it is no longer active.   Where do you print a report of active estimates ?  When you export from Customer Centre: Estimates it exports all reports and has ticked as active when they are not active.


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    Hi Emma

    Depending on the version you're using, you may already have an "Estimates by Job" report in your default Reports section.  If so, it will be under the Jobs, Time & Mileage group.  From this report, you can click on Modify Report, choose the Estimate Active Filter & select Yes.  

    If not, the great thing about RA/RAH is that you can search for anything & turn that Search into a re-usable report!  To do this:

    • Go into Find to search for transactions & from that, create a unique report & memorise it for future use.
    • Choose the Filter: Transaction Type & select Estimate, then Detail Level > Summary only.  Under the
    • Click on Find then on the Report button.
    • From here, go to Modify Report & on the Display tab, you can also choose/remove other columns as applicable.
    • Check you're "Dates" range & "Sort by" (either Date or Num)
    • Once you're happy with your report, you can give it a unique name ("Report Title") on the Header/Footer tab in Modify Report, then click on "Memorise" to save all your tweaking!

    Hope that helps. 

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    Thanks this does help,  I just ran this report and seems good.  But it does show the estimate which are attached to jobs as these still have to be active.  I would still like a status on estimates so could do reports of estimates won, lost and pending.

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    Hi Emma, thank you very much - this has solved a huge problem for me.  Now I can see all my estimates, with less space between the entries as it is report format not the Estimates by Job which is very spread out and time consuming to scroll down through.  This one however is easy to see at a glance, and an extra field in the customer define fields area has allowed me to insert other fields I also wanted in the estimates report, such as Date Scheduled to view work, Date work done etc.  It allows me to use this report for Work Order tracking as well as Quoting.  The only thing I can't seem to get this report to do - and if you can help, eternally grateful - is I would just like to be able to make it show only active estimates, instead of all of them with the ticks shown against those that are active.  I don't want to see ticks, I just want the inactive ones not to display on this particular report.

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    Oops - sorry about that - I see it is as easy as going back into Modify Report, Filters, Estimate Active, and then set yes or no.  All my problems have been solved now  :-)   Thanks again Emma!
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