Certegy payments and how to allocate

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I have customers who we have set up certegy Ezi Pay with, so we have been advanced the money, less their charges and customer is paying certegy back. the problem i have is how to go about setting this up as the amount borrowed does not cover what the customer owes, so i need to be able to enter in the amount we received from their bill and allocate the charges we have been charged for the service.


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    What is a certegy?
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    Hi Maz

    You would set up the bill as the amount borrowed plus any charges which can be classed under interest, bank fees or similar.    You will find that it will be something like

    Motor Vehicle exepnses   1419.83
    Interest/charges                    88.30

    Total Bill                             1508.13

    There will be then the payments ie 13 in the case at $116.01

    Hope that helps.    The only other charges are late Payment fee of $15 and there could be a $3.50 per payment admin fee


    Brendon Gardiner
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