RECKON CLOUD POS - How do I sign up?

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    OK, only 47 seconds in to that video and I have hit a snag.
    I am a long term Reckon User. My customer number is 639204.
    I have three users under that account - 6392041, 6392042 & 6392043. All with different company file access and passwords etc. 
    The most restricted is 6392042, which has been used at the front desk of our scuba diving business.
    I am keen to try Cloudpos however, when I get to that portal, none of my account usernames, or their associated passwords work. Not even the username (639204) that works for the estore works for this log in. 
    I keep getting an error message "username not recognized by reckon"
    I was on the phone to reckon customer support all day yesterday trying to get this sorted to no avail.
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    If you add a 0 in front of your user name and login with your Hosted credentials it should allow you into the Reckon Portal. Can you give that a try and let me know 
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